Our gemstones

A world of infinite beauty and inner strength. Gemstones can create calm and balance. They are unique natural phenomena. Understated yet luminous. Almost magically beautiful. Behind all our jewellery lies an intense search for the finest stones in just the right colour. It is a quiet pleasure to look at them. They provide clarity. Peace of mind. And an absolute satisfaction when you wear them close to your body.

Explore our Ro universe. Be inspired by the wonderful colours, special meanings and unique characteristics of the gemstones.

Gemstones almost last forever

Gemstones are identified using the Mohs Hardness Scale, which was developed by mineralogist Friedrich Mohs in 1824. The scale defines the durability of gemstones and other minerals, and ranges from grade 1 to grade 10.
Grade 1 indicates the softest material and 10 the hardest material.

Birthstone – your personal talisman

Birthstones are gemstones and pearls associated with a special month of the year. It is said that birthstones represent characteristic traits that amplify divine energies and connect them to the earth. Wear your birthstone in a jewellery piece close to your body. Let it be your personal talisman. Find your birthstone here and learn more about the meanings and characteristics of your stone.

JANUARY – Garnet
FEBRUARY – Amethyst
MARCH – Aquamarine
APRIL – Diamond
MAY – Emerald
JUNE – Moonstone & Pearls
JULY – Ruby
AUGUST – Peridot & Sardonyx
SEPTEMBER – Sapphire
OCTOBER – Tourmaline & Opal
NOVEMBER – Topaz & Citrine
DECEMBER – Zircon & Turquoise