Pearls symbolise innocence, purity, truth and beauty. They are linked to values such as sincerity, perfectionism and fidelity. Pearls are said to strengthen your personal integrity and help you stay focused. They also inspire you to promote truth and loyalty in your life.

The stone's hardness
Pearls are grade 2.5 to 4.5 on the Mohs hardness scal.

A wonder of the natural world, pearls are the birthstone for June. If this is your birth month, wear pearls set in a beautiful piece of jewellery close to your body as your personal talisman. Find the finest white and pink baroque pearls in our Fryd Collection.

Give pearls for a 30th wedding anniversary
As a symbol of natural beauty and true love, pearls are often gifted to mark a 30th wedding anniversary, set in a piece of jewellery as a beautiful token of unconditional love. Discover our jewellery collection set with the finest baroque pearls of natural origin and pass them down to future generations.

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