Tina Hueg: Follow your passion

Meet Tina Hueg, founder and owner of her own tea brand 'Cocoon Tea Artisans'. Come along on a journey all the way back to Tina’s childhood, where a lovely warm cup of tea created a feeling of peace and presence around the table. Be inspired by Tina’s personal story of following her intuition, living by her passion and keeping that feeling of inner peace in everyday life.

You have a special passion for tea. Take us back to when it all started...

 In my childhood home I grew up with tea always being served in a teapot after school. The tea created a unique sense of peace and presence by gathering all the people who were at home around the table. Tea in my childhood was synonymous with long talks, laughter and good stories.

 Later in life, I found out that gathering people and feeling peaceful is actually something the tea plant has historically always been used for. Tea became a real passion for me during the years when I was travelling. I tasted different varieties of good tea and started reading and following research about the original tea plant Camellia Sinensis.

Inner peace is about feeling and following your intuition. How did you find the courage to make your passion for tea your way of life?

I was walking around with a special feeling that I just had to try it out. I didn't have a specific dream of being self-employed, but when I could really see that the ingredients I was focusing on had some very special qualities, I was in no doubt. I wanted to inspire people to consciously enjoy a healthier lifestyle and introduce organic sensory teas that could be used in people’s daily routines.

The concept of being able to contribute to a physical and mentally boost every day for many people has undoubtedly made it my life project. I’m so happy I listened to my intuition back then.

Do you have a ritual to create inner peace that you'd like to share with us?

I always start the morning by putting a pot of tea on the table so that both my children and my husband can have a nice warm cup before they go to school and work – just like in my own childhood.

What a lovely morning ritual – which tea would you recommend?

My absolute favourite tea is Oolong – both to drink and to eat the leaves. It's great to drink after a meal as it calms the intestines. And it’s good to drink if you need to concentrate for a long period of time. We just won an award for it in England, so try it out!

I also highly recommend Green Quince Tea. It’s heavenly to drink both hot and cold throughout the day. I drink it instead of drinking water. It has a very balanced and calm taste. I actually don't know anyone who doesn't love it! Even the Japanese love it so much that we have won an award for its taste in Japan. We are very proud of this.

 Who in your life represents inner peace for you?

My mother has always represented peace and balance in my life. She is a wonderful person and is my greatest role model.

What is the most important thing you have learned from her?

She taught me how important it is to be accommodating and open to many different personalities and cultures.

Jewellery has the unique ability to awaken personal memories again and again when worn close to your body. Which piece of jewellery means something special to you?

I received a ring from my husband made from my parents’ wedding ring with different elements that symbolise our children and us. The ring is undoubtedly one of my jewellery items that means the most to me. Furthermore, I was given a Nelson Mandela bracelet by my husband, which in addition to being beautiful, is also of great significance to me. The fact that one man has had such an impact on freedom, equality and democracy is a great inspiration to the world.

If you would like to try Tina’s favourite tea or other varieties, check out Cocoon Tea Artisans here https://cocoonteaartisans.com/