Garnet - the Strong Symbol of Soul Strength

Transparent with an uplifting golden-red colour.

Spiritual Meaning 

Health, positivity, and energy. Garnet can provide vitality. It can enhance your creativity and strengthen your courage to dream big. The golden-red colour has a strong connection to the earth's energy and power. Use garnet as inspiration to create more stability in your emotional and physical systems.

Stone Hardness

Garnet ranks 6.5-7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. 


The soul-strengthening garnet is the birthstone for January. Find your birthstone here. 

If January is your birth month, wear the uplifting gemstone, set in a beautiful piece of jewellery, close to your body as your personal, lucky talisman. Let a red garnet bead embellish  your Inner Peace Bracelet.

Give garnet on the 19th Garnet Wedding Anniversary

As a symbol of love, vitality, and big dreams, there is a tradition to give a beautiful, golden-red garnet on the 30th wedding anniversary. Set in jewellery as a beautiful proof of unconditional love.

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