Certain things in life make you feel more you. Give you power. And make you calm. Satisfied. Happy. Maybe it is love. A good laugh. Or mindful insights. Let these precious feelings come alive and touch you again and again. Bring your stories to life in your jewellery and enjoy the moments of peaceful recognition.

When Ro Copenhagen was founded in 2015, the definition of our name became a commitment: a feeling of calmness that pervades everything we do. Calmness for creating quality, calmness for thinking our actions through. The outcome is jewellery defined by timeless, minimal design and clean lines. You will find elegant and original styles within our collections. Always crafted in 18kt gold — the highest quality gold that provides durability and longevity — we want to ensure a strong sense of timelessness in your Ro jewellery so that you can enjoy them for years to come.

Ro Copenhagen pieces are designed by Helle Leiberg Nissen, and every step of the creation process is driven by passion. From the first drawing to the intense search for the finest gemstones that hold a precise colour. At last, Helle brings these carefully considered ideas to life in collaboration with our talented goldsmiths.

 Ro Signature Diamond

Each Ro Copenhagen design holds a subtle, brilliant-cut diamond. It’s a discreet reminder of strength and beauty. The art of being oneself and inner peace, which is so magical. Almost mysterious. The Ro signature diamond is also intended to be a sparkling greeting to the wearer who lives with their Ro piece.

You can read more about our precious gemstones and diamonds here.