One of nature's great wonders. Subtle, captivating, and entirely enchanting all at once.

Spiritual importance

The diamond represents love and marriage. It symbolises the soul and, with its unique clarity, can create higher consciousness and visualisation. It is said that the diamond can strengthen your belief in yourself and give you more courage. This beautiful natural wonder relates to the crown chakra and can inspire peace and balance in the mind. Treat yourself to beautiful and timeless Fryd Diamond earrings or a radiant diamond bracelet.

Stone hardness

Diamonds rank 10 on the Mohs hardness scale.


The wonderful diamonds are the birthstone for April. If April is your birth month, wear diamonds set in a beautiful piece of jewellery close to your body as your personal talisman. All our jewellery is set with a brilliant-cut Ro signature diamond, as a small personal greeting and discreet reminder of your inner strength and beauty.

Give diamonds on the 60th Diamond Wedding Anniversary

As a symbol of eternal love, diamonds are often given on the 60th wedding anniversary. Set in a piece of jewellery as a beautiful testament to unconditional love. Explore Ro Copenhagen's selection of jewellery set with these exceptional diamonds, meant to be passed down through generations.