Moonstone - the Dreamy Gemstone

Full of fantasies and mysteries. And perpetually captivating with its pearly glow.

Spiritual Meaning

Moonstone can bring peace, openness, clarity, and good communication. It is also known to enhance spiritual connection, new beginnings, and is associated with feminine energies. Therefore, the significance of Moonstone is particularly related to the special powers of the full moon and is both life-giving, maternal, and magical.

Moonstone can help you create emotional balance, security, and inner peace. And to achieve your goals. Make the right choices. And attract things in the right order.

Stone Hardness

Moonstone ranks 6 - 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale.


The dreamy moonstone is the birthstone for June.

If it's your birth month, wear moonstone, set in a beautiful piece of jewellery, close to your body as your personal, lucky talisman. Find your birthstone here.

Give moonstone on the 16th moon wedding anniversary.

As a beautiful symbol of peace, openness, and motherhood, moonstone is often given on the 16th wedding anniversary. Set in jewellery as a beautiful proof of unconditional love. Find beautiful white, grey, and blush moonstones in our Fryd Collection.

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