Ruby – the king of all jewellery & gemstones

So is it called with its deep, heartfelt red colour, so sought after and valuable.

Spiritual significance

The ruby is said to be able to protect you and bring joy and passion into your life. Through release from worries and by lightening your mind, the strong ruby can strengthen your confidence, allowing you to increase your creativity and wisdom – and gain the courage to seek love.

Stone hardness

The ruby ranks 9 on Mohs' hardness scale.


The deep, heartfelt red ruby is the birthstone for July. Find your birthstone here. If July is your birth month, then wear ruby, set in a beautiful piece of jewellery, close to your body as your personal, auspicious talisman. Let a beautiful ruby bead beautify your Inner Peace Bracelet.

Give ruby on the 40th ruby wedding anniversary

As a heartfelt symbol of great devotion and deep passion, ruby is often given on the 40th wedding anniversary. Set in a piece of jewellery as a beautiful testament to unconditional love. Explore our selection of jewellery set with ruby in our Inner Peace Collection.

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