Sacral Chakra

Pleasure. Joy of life. Creativity. Movement. Sexuality.

Symbol: Orange lotus flower with six petals. The crescent in the centre represents the moon, which is important for the flow of water in nature and thus also in the body.

The sacral chakra is the second chakra. In Sanskrit, it is called Svadhisthana and means ‘one’s own home’. It is found in the lower abdomen and back and is associated with pleasure, joy of life, creativity, movement and sexuality. The sacral chakra is closely linked to well-being and pleasure and regulates the female cycle through life.

A harmonious and balanced sacral chakra provides joy of life, inner vitality, well-functioning sexuality and the feeling of trust in others.

An underdeveloped sacral chakra can cause a form of numbness, loss of appetite or sexual desire, fear of change and feelings of guilt.

An overdeveloped sacral chakra can be experienced as an emotional rollercoaster, blocked creativity, a feeling of dependence or direct pelvic problems.

Create balance in your sacral chakra: Laugh and be happy. Laughter is a powerful life force that nurtures the feeling of well-being and provides new energy.

Gemstones that support your sacral chakra: Blush moonstone. Garnet. Citrine, Carnelian. Golden topaz.