Øreringe i rødguld

At Ro Copenhagen, you will find an exclusive selection of captivating yellow gold earrings in enticing shapes. A crucial criterion for us at Ro Copenhagen is that durability and design go hand in hand, which is why all our yellow gold earrings are crafted in the highest quality 18kt gold. This ensures that your yellow gold earrings will last a lifetime and bring joy to future generations. Yellow gold earrings can be worn in many combinations, and only your imagination sets the limits when it comes to creating a personal expression with your favorite yellow gold earrings. That's why we sell all our yellow gold earrings individually, allowing you to mix and match your earrings in your own unique way. Explore and be inspired by the fine details and subtle touches of the earrings.

Ro Signature Diamond

Designer and Founder Helle Leiberg Nissen has added a beautiful signature to almost all the jewelry you will find at Ro Copenhagen - A small sparkling and discreet brilliant-cut diamond. It serves as a reminder of inner peace, the beauty of being oneself. Our name carries a commitment to tranquility, and there is calmness in everything we do, from the design process to the finished piece of jewelry. A tranquility that creates quality, bringing joy and inner peace to the wearer.

Authentic 18kt Gold Earrings

We always select the best materials, which is why we handcraft our jewelry in 18kt gold. Over time, the gold develops a beautiful patina, but despite its exquisite quality, your earrings still require maintenance to keep them sparkling. We always recommend using your jewelry with care, avoiding banging them against hard surfaces or exposing them to chemicals from, for example, pools or cleaning agents. By doing so, you will have a beautiful piece of jewelry for a lifetime.