Personalised Number and Letter Pendants

Personalised Number and Letter Pendants in Gold Ro Copenhagen's number and letter pendants are a personal statement piece of jewellery. These handmade pendants are carefully crafted by our skilled goldsmiths in either 18 karat yellow gold or white gold and feature a discreet Ro signature diamond. With their simple and elegant design, each letter pendant tells a unique and personal story. The shape of these pendants is more than just an aesthetic element - it also holds functional significance. The small, solid pendant is designed to be worn on any occasion, adding a personal touch. Whether you choose to wear your own initial, a letter representing a loved one, or a meaningful combination of letters, Ro Copenhagen's letter pendants will be a beautiful and meaningful piece of jewellery.

Personalised Jewellery

One of the special features of Ro Copenhagen's number and letter pendants is their ability to be combined in different ways to create a deeper and more meaningful connection. By combining multiple pendants, you can create a unique symbolism that showcases what fills your heart. It could be the initials of your children, a reminder of your partner, or a symbol representing something significant to you. The possibilities are endless, and it is up to you to create your own personal narrative with Ro Copenhagen's number and letter pendants.

Handcrafted Danish Design

Ro Copenhagen's focus on quality and aesthetics is reflected in every letter pendant. Handcrafted by skilled goldsmiths and made with the highest quality materials, these pendants are built to last. The discreet Ro signature diamond serves as a subtle reminder of strength and beauty. Whether you wear a number or letter pendant alone as a standalone statement or combine multiple pendants to create a personal narrative, Ro Copenhagen's letter pendants are a timeless and meaningful choice. They are not just jewellery but also an expression of your personality, your life, and your relationships.