Exclusive White Gold Pendants

Discover the exquisite beauty of white gold with our exclusive collection of pendants. White gold is a perfect choice for jewellery, as it imparts a sophisticated greyish tone that elevates any piece. Each pendant is meticulously handcrafted by skilled goldsmiths who are dedicated to their craft. Their attention to detail and pursuit of perfection ensure that every pendant is of the highest quality and unrivalled in its beauty. Crafted from 100% recycled gold, our 18 karat white gold pendants are also certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council, reflecting our commitment to both the environment and human rights.

Pendants adorned with Diamonds, Gemstones, and Pearls

Among our white gold pendants, diamond pendants stand out as a popular choice. These captivating pieces are adorned with shimmering diamonds that create a mesmerizing play of light. Diamonds, with their eternal allure, symbolize love and beauty. With a diamond pendant from Ro Copenhagen, you can wear a timeless piece of elegance that will be cherished for a lifetime. If you prefer vibrant gemstones, our collection also includes white gold pendants featuring an array of captivating gemstones. From rare green tourmalines and deep blue topaz to velvety moonstones and crystal-clear topaz, there's a gemstone to suit every individual's taste. These colorful pendants add a touch of individuality and vibrancy to your look. For those who appreciate a more subtle aesthetic, our white gold pendants with natural pearls offer a classic and timeless appeal, bringing sophistication and femininity to any outfit. Choose from white or pink pearls to create your desired effect.

Personalized Letter Pendants

Our white gold pendant collection also features letter pendants and number pendants, allowing you to personalize your jewellery and express your unique identity. Whether you choose your initials, an important number, or combine them to create a customized piece, these pendants make for meaningful and cherished keepsakes.

Jewellery Care for White Gold Pendants

We always prioritize the use of the finest materials in our jewellery. Our 18 karat white gold pendants develop a beautiful patina over time, enhancing their personality and adding to their allure. However, proper maintenance and care are essential to preserve their beauty for years to come. Be sure to consult our jewellery care guide, equipping yourself with the knowledge to delight in the beauty of your white gold pendants each and every day.