Our Gold and Gemstones: Earthbound treasures

The Purest Gold

Ro Copenhagen jewellery is crafted exclusively in 18kt yellow or white gold. We take pride in using gold of the highest quality to extend the lifetime of our jewellery and thereby extending the joy of its wearers. 18kt gold forms a beautiful patina over time, which builds up the character of personal jewellery without sacrificing its quality.

All gold used by Ro Copenhagen is 100% nickel free and certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council.

The Most Precious Gemstones

Gemstones can create a sense of serenity and balance. They are natural wonders of the world, both understated and gleaming. For every gemstone in Ro Copenhagen’s collections, there has been an intense search for a precise colour and clarity. Blue aquamarine, white and London Blue topazes, deep green and pink tourmalines are just some of the alluring colours in the Ro Copenhagen palette. There is peaceful joy that’s experienced through gazing at these precious gemstones and through holding them close. When gemstones are masterfully cut, the gems’ true beauty shows – both from within and without. Let this magic touch you.

The Finest Diamonds

Sparkling, gleaming diamonds. Like a pale winter sun sending a kaleidoscope of sparkling refractions into the world. Created of dreams and formed by life. Filled with serenity and happiness.

The creation of natural diamonds feels like an eternity, hence their rarity and value. At Ro Copenhagen, we use some of the finest diamond stones, all of which are carefully selected (graded Top Wesselton - VS, also known as G - VS). All gems in Ro Copenhagen jewellery are of natural origin, and our diamonds are purchased conflict-free from official suppliers in accordance with UN resolutions.