Exclusive White Gold Earrings

Classic white gold earrings with sparkling diamonds and beautiful gemstones. The timeless white gold earrings are both elegant and pure in their expression. Appreciate the little things in life and feel the peace of mind when your white gold diamond stud earrings hit a ray of sunshine and reflect in the light. Wear the beautiful white gold earrings throughout your life as your own personal signature. White gold studs, white gold hoops or white gold earrings? In the collection you can find just the right white gold earrings to complement your own personal expression.

Earrings in 100% high quality white gold

The fine white gold earrings are made of 18 carat white gold and set with a small Ro signature diamond. Pass on your white gold earrings for generations and let them bring inner peace and personal stories to life again and again. Explore Ro Copenhagen's range of classic and timeless earrings in 18 karat gold. You'll find both classic and simple stud earrings, but also gold earrings with an elegant and understated design that emphasises your personality. All earrings are sold separately, so you can create your own combination to suit your personality.

Personal earrings

Several of the earrings offer the option to add pendants or ear hangers, so that every morning you can recognise what fills you with joy that day. The possibilities to create unique combinations will emphasise your style and give you freedom. Freedom to play with colours, shapes and lengths. But it also gives you the freedom to move the pendants around. This way, you get several different earrings out of relatively few elements, which goes hand in hand with our motto 'spend wisely'. And that's why the timeless design and the almost endless combination possibilities are an important part of our gold earring designs. If your ears are pierced with multiple holes, it gives you the extra opportunity to adorn your ears with a personalised combination of our many stud earrings or small round white gold earrings. If you're at a crossroads, you can choose to put together a simplistic and simple look that will keep you calm throughout the day. You can also choose to go the other way, adding a strong force of nature to your day through contrasts between stones, gold, colours and shapes.

White gold earrings require care and maintenance

All our large and small white gold earrings are made from the best quality materials, both in terms of gold, gemstones and diamonds. However, your gold earrings need care to stay beautiful for many years and generations. So remember to read our jewellery care recommendations.