Root Chakra

Reflection. Grounding. Survival.

Symbol: Red lotus flower with four petals. The square in the middle represents the Earth.

The root chakra is the first chakra. In Sanskrit it is called Muladhara and means ‘root’. It is found at the bottom of the spine at the coccyx and is associated with grounding, survival, reflection and the physical body. The root chakra is closely linked to our most basic needs, and contains the ability to manifest our dreams and ideas. If our basic bodily needs aren’t met, the root chakra becomes out of balance.

A harmonious and balanced root chakra gives the feeling of being grounded, being comfortable in your own body, having physical energy and good health.

An underdeveloped root chakra can give the feeling of lack of being grounded, weakened self-confidence and low willpower. An underdeveloped root chakra is also associated with low energy, physical weakness or problems with feet, legs, knees or digestion.

An overdeveloped root chakra can create feelings of anxiety, a tendency to overload and emotional vulnerability to spontaneity or stiffness in the body.

Create balance in your root chakra: Use meditation as a self-loving tool to help yourself become grounded and create joy.

Gemstones that support your root chakra: Smoky quartz. Red garnet. Rhodonite. Ruby. Black tourmaline. Grey agate. Rose quartz. Tiger eye. Red jasper. Bloodstone.