Brow Chakra

Intuition. Wisdom. Perspective. Balance. Clarity.

Symbol: Indigo blue lotus flower with 12 petals. The downward-facing triangle represents wisdom and happiness.

The brow chakra is the sixth chakra. In Sanskrit it is called Ajna and means ‘to comprehend’. Your brow chakra is located in the middle of the forehead, just above the eyebrows, and is also called the third eye. This central chakra is associated with intuition, wisdom and perspective combined with balance and clarity.

A harmonious and balanced brow chakra provides clarity in the brain and balances logic and intuition. Most importantly, it creates balance in your daily rhythm with good sleeping routines and a healthy appetite. Time for peace and relaxation combined with a good working life. And good relationships with other people.

An underdeveloped brow chakra can create the feeling of being confused and difficulty in concentrating and planning ahead. You might also feel you are out of touch with reality.

An overdeveloped brow chakra can be experienced as a greater degree of narrow-mindedness. Perhaps a greater need to exaggerate the practicalities of everyday life. Maybe a tougher fight to get creative. Perhaps you lose all interest in other people's opinions.

Create balance in your brow chakra: In the world of yoga, harmony in the brow chakra needs to be created gradually. You have to gradually free yourself from dependence on material things, recognition and wealth.

Nature can also create balance in the brow chakra. Breathe in. Feel. See. Listen. And smell. Maybe try some open-air meditation.

To create harmony in your brow chakra, you need to create balance in all your chakras. They lie like pearls on a string and are mutually dependent on each other.

Gemstones that support the brow chakra: Amethyst. Sodalite. Smoky quartz. Diamonds. Sapphire. Lapis.