Crown Chakra

Spirit. Meaningfulness. Joy of life.

Symbol: Violet and white lotus flower with a thousand petals that represent infinity.

The crown chakra is the seventh and last chakra. In Sanskrit it is called Sahasrara and means ‘with a thousand petals’. Your crown chakra is located at the top of the head. It is linked to the divine elements and is the link between you and a higher consciousness. The crown chakra is the last chakra to develop. And the final harmony and balance in this chakra happens when we are fully realised as human beings.

A harmonious and balanced crown chakra gives the feeling of freedom, which extends into empathy and spaciousness. It brings clarity to the meaning of life, along with the belief that by choosing goodness and wisdom you can open your full potential.

An underdeveloped crown chakra can give a feeling of meaninglessness. Of loneliness. Indecision. And lack of joy in life.

An overdeveloped crown chakra can feel like a lack of contact with reality. Or give you a feeling of restlessness and frustration.

Create balance in your crown chakra: To achieve balance and harmony in your crown chakra, you need to create balance in all your chakras. This is a gradual movement over time, which is more about the journey itself than about reaching the goal.

At Ro Copenhagen, we believe that we can create balance and joy in life through inner peace and a positive approach. It's about taking the time to feel and consider how you want to live your life. It's about listening, seeing and feeling throughout your life. About going with the natural flow and following your intuition. You see much more with the heart than you do with the eye. Feel the joy of even the smallest experiences and share this joy with others. For although it might be your own interpretation, we are all part of the same eternity.

Gemstones that support the crown chakra: MoonstoneAmethystDiamonds. Rock crystal.