Throat Chakra

Sound. Breath. Communication.

Symbol: Light blue lotus flower with 16 petals. The circle in the triangle represents sound.

The throat chakra is the fifth chakra. In Sanskrit it is called Vishuddha and means ‘clarity or purification’. Your throat chakra is found in the front of the throat and at the back of the neck and is associated with communication, telling the truth and the ability to listen.

A harmonious and balanced throat chakra contains the ability to convey your own wishes, needs and qualities. It contains the ability to express yourself with a natural ease and self-confidence. The throat chakra is closely linked to the neck and the respiratory organs, which bring the body’s systems into balance. If your throat chakra becomes too strong or too weak, you will experience an imbalance of body and mind.

An underdeveloped throat chakra can manifest itself in nervousness in the voice, tense shoulders or a lump in the throat that makes it difficult to express yourself. You may also feel you are being overlooked or talked over your head.

An overdeveloped throat chakra can manifest itself in a tendency to interrupt the speech of others. Or a lack of desire to listen.

Create balance in your throat chakra: Give yourself time to sit still and daydream. Close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you. Take one sound at a time. Maybe your consciousness is filled with thoughts. Allow them to be there, but don’t let them take over. Let them float past, like ships passing in the night. Acknowledge the present moment and feel the calm spread throughout your mind and body. To create perfect balance in your throat chakra, you must create a feeling of being grounded in your root chakra, well-being in your sacral chakra, personal strength in your solar plexus chakra, and love in your heart chakra.

Gemstones that support the throat chakra: Aquamarine. Labradorite. Sodalite. Blue topazBlue agate.