Karina Eg: Creativity and immersion

Karina Eg is our graphic designer here at Ro Copenhagen. Karina has a unique visual sense and her creative processes are a great source of inspiration.

In a world where everything seems to be moving so fast, it can be a challenge to find time for contemplation. Read on to discover Karina’s suggestions on how to slow down and get the creative juices flowing in a pleasant environment.

What does creativity mean to you and how is it expressed in your everyday life?

For me, creativity is not necessarily about something you create. Creativity can also be another way of seeing or doing things. I bring creativity with me to everything I do both privately and at work. I think creativity is something that lives inside me.

How do you create the best conditions for creativity?

Basic things like good sleep and physical well-being give me the best conditions to think creatively. When I am in balance and prioritise exercise and a good diet, I have the best conditions for unfolding new opportunities and seeing the creative potential.

In which situations do you feel most inspired?

My inspiration often arises when there is peace around me. Before I get started, I always create a cosy atmosphere around me with candles, tea and lovely music. If I don't seek inspiration through contemplation, I'm inspired by the company of other people. I find that openness and conversations with others can create new inspiring thoughts.

We live in a world where everything seems to be moving so fast. What is your best advice to slow down and immerse yourself in the moment?

My best advice is to pay attention to your senses. Train them and become better at using them. For me, my senses are a tool I have learned to trust. My senses give me joy and a sense of peace.

Where does the joy of working as a graphic designer arise from?

I love to dive into universes and create exactly what defines my customers and strengthens them in their communication. And I love the experience of designing something that feels right. For example, when colours and shapes merge together in perfect harmony!


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