Nord White ring S - 18kt Rødguld


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Style no. R106Y122-50

Skøn guldring med smuk topas sten.

Passer perfekt i samspil med andre enkle ringe, men er også smuk alene for et sofistikeret look.

Ringen er fremstillet i 18kt rødguld sat med en lille Ro signatur-diamant 1 brillant 0,003ct TW.VS & 0,40ct baguettesleben hvid topas.

Fatningen måler 7 x 4mm
Højde 4,6mm
Ring profil Ø 1,5mm

Læs mere om hvid topas her.

Smykkepleje til Nord White: Vi har samlet nogle tips, til at holde den smukke topas sten flot og skinnende(se video). 

1. Find en gammel tandbørste eller en anden lille børste, og påfør lidt klar sæbe på børsten.

2. Børst forsigtigt rundt om stenen, skyl den med koldt rindende vand.

3. Børst samtidig med at du skyller og skyl så det resterende sæbe væk.

4. Tør efter med et tørt viskestykke.


Ro Copenhagen take care of and responsibility for our earth through using 18kt gold from a primarily-recycled source, to help minimise mining. We have deliberately chosen to only produce in 18kt gold so we can create jewellery with a long life and a longer life cycle. Sustainable and certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council. It is 100% nickel free gold of the highest quality.

Ro Copenhagen only works with ethically sourced diamonds and precious stones of natural origin, always untreated and from conflict-free zones in compliance with UN resolutions. All of our stones are sourced from mines that comply with the strictest environmental and human rights standards. We even go beyond standard industry regulations to ensure that we can vouch for every single stone.
Even the finest materials need to be looked after properly if they are to maintain their original state, so we recommend that you follow these tips to get the most out of your jewellery.
  1. Take off your jewellery when washing your hands, washing up, and while sleeping.
  2. Take off your jewellery when you are at the beach and when you are swimming in a pool.
  3. Avoid contact with cleaning agents, perfumes, all body and suntan lotions.
  4. Avoid exposing your jewellery and its stones to high temperatures.
  5. Wear your Ro jewellery with care – avoid knocking your jewellery against hard surfaces that can cause damage to the metal or stone settings.

Click here to get help finding your ring size by using an existing ring. 

14,6 46 H 3 3/4
15 47 H1/2 4
15,3 48 I 4 1/2
15,6 49 J 3/4
15,9 50 J1/2 5
16,2 51 K1/2 5 1/2
16,6 52 L1/2 6
16,9 53 M1/2 1/2
17,2 54 N1/2 7
17,5 55 O1/2 7 1/4
17,8 56 P 3/4
18,1 57 P1/2 8
18,5 58 Q1/2 1/2
18,8 59 R 3/4
19,1 60 S 1/4
19,7 61 S1/2 1/2
19,7 62 T1/2 3/4
20,1 63 U 10 1/2
20,3 64 U1/2 10 3/4
20,7 65 V 11 1/4
21,1 66 W 11 1/2
All jewellery is delivered in a beautiful Ro jewellery box with silk wrapping paper and a diamond certificate. We also include a gift bag and a Ro tote bag in all orders.
We offer free shipping to all countries in the EU, United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland, Australia and the USA. If your item is in stock, we will ship it to you in 1-2 business days. We ship all of our packages via DHL.

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