Tips for Your Dream Wedding

Are you getting married soon and looking for advice to create your dream wedding? We have gathered Jesper Høvring's best tips and recommendations to inspire and prepare you for the big day.

Create an overview of the celebration

As first-time organizers of a wedding, it can be challenging to know when to do what. Therefore, we have prepared a checklist that can help you through the process. Save it as a note on your phone or print it here.


Make an impression with your invitations

Start by sending an informal save-the-date invitation with the text 'Save the date.' When it comes to your official invitations, you may consider how to create the desired celebration and atmosphere. In a digital age, there is something special about receiving a physical letter in a beautiful envelope. With the tool Canva, you can design beautiful invitations with monograms and fonts. Let your imagination run wild and create creative ideas that your guests will remember. If you dream of a classic wedding, there is nothing more elegant than black writing on white paper, maybe even with an elegant watermark. Pro tip: Once you have decided on a style that suits you, you can incorporate the same theme on place cards, menu cards, and thank-you cards.

Invest in durable wedding rings

The choice of wedding rings is an important decision as you will wear them for a lifetime, and they should feel comfortable. It is also essential to choose quality that can last for many years. All of Ro Copenhagen's rings are made of the finest quality in 18-carat yellow gold or white gold, which extends the lifespan and your joy. Explore the selection of timeless wedding rings here. You can also add a personal touch by having your names and wedding date engraved on the rings.

Choose meaningful gemstones

If you dream of rings with gemstones and diamonds, it's worth considering the meaning of the different stones. For example, diamonds represent love and marriage, and aquamarine represents joy of life. Explore all our gemstones and their meanings here.

Feel comfortable in your attire

Your attire will likely be the most beautiful clothes you will ever wear, so it's essential to choose something that makes you feel comfortable while visually achieving the desired look. Do a little research before visiting a physical store. Pinterest is a good place to find inspiration online, and you can also be inspired by other party attire that is not necessarily made specifically for weddings. Maybe there are individual elements you can use or adapt? Pro tip: Make sure to find your shoes well in advance so you can break them in and feel comfortable in them on the actual day.

The finishing touch

Jewellery is the finishing touch that ties your look together. Our best advice is to create a balance between the jewellery you choose and your attire. Think of it as a whole. If your dress or outfit is simple, you can enhance your look with jewellery. For example, add a touch of elegance with these beautiful Fryd Wave earrings. If, on the other hand, you have a grand attire with many details, it can be beautiful to keep it minimalistic with small delicate diamond studs.

It's all about presence

Planning is crucial to create peace in the process leading up to the wedding. When you wake up on your wedding day, the most important thing is that you can relax and be ready to enjoy every moment together. Once the music starts playing, no one will notice if you've checked off all the items on your to-do list. Embrace the day with warmth, smiles, and open arms. It's a moment that will be remembered and cherished forever.

Would you like to delve even further into the planning process for your wedding? Then we highly recommend reading 'The Wedding Book - Inspiration for the Modern Bride' by Jesper Høvring.

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