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Ro Copenhagen's headquarters are situated in Ishøj, Denmark. From an external perspective, it doesn't appear particularly distinctive. There are no jewellery items on display in the windows or a prominent sign with our name. However, within, you'll find a holistic office where you can arrange a private appointment to view and try on our jewellery. As the headquarters, we have all Ro Copenhagen collections consolidated in one place, enabling us to assist you in finding the perfect piece for you or a jewellery gift for a fortunate recipient.

How to book

It's important to us that there is sufficient time and space for each customer, so private appointments need to be booked in advance. This can be done by calling +45 70301313 or emailing

We are not a traditional store

Given that our headquarters is not a physical store, please note:

  • here are no traditional jewellery displays. We bring out items based on your preferences.
  • Payments are processed through our online shop. We do not have a cash register or card terminal. However, you can take the jewellery with you immediately.
  • While we strive to have all popular sizes in stock, there may be occasions when your size is not available. In such cases, our skilled goldsmiths can create it in your size, but the delivery time will be slightly longer.


Ro Copenhagen ApS
Baldershøj 27
2635 Ishøj


Visit us at our pop-up store in Copenhagen

You can also visit us at our pop-up store in the heart of Copenhagen. Here, you can see a selection of our handcrafted jewellery, created with heart and soul.

Please note that our pop-up store will be open for a limited period.

Read more about our store here.