Jesper Høvring: On Moving Forward in Life with Positive Thinking

Since 2001, Jesper Høvring has operated his own store in Frederiksberg, where he designs couture dresses worn by women such as Crown Princess Mary, Andrea Elisabeth Rudolph, Trine Dyrholm, and many others. In this personal interview, we get to know the man behind the beautiful dresses. Read on to discover the strategies Jesper Høvring uses to live healthily and how he achieves his goals with a "Fake It till You Make It" principle.

"Every time you think something nice about others, say it aloud"

I am fundamentally a positive person. It's a choice I've made. It may sound trivial, but I believe it's something we all need to get much better at. A simple way to create more joy in life is by complimenting the people you meet along the way. Every time you think something nice about others, say it aloud! It's the little things that matter, and I promise you, the good energy will come back tenfold.

"I live by the Fake It till You Make It philosophy"

I live by the Fake It till You Make It philosophy. It's a principle of positive thinking that involves convincing yourself that you can do something you may not immediately believe you can. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, it's about moving towards where you want to be. I promise you; it can take you far.

"You can go far in life with positive thinking"

It's a very good example from my own life right now with my daughter, who has just been through a preteen period. She woke up grumpy most days, so I agreed with her that she would get five kroner for each day she woke up with a smile on her face. At first, she had to really try, but suddenly it turns around, and genuine joy comes completely unconsciously. I am convinced that you can go a long way in life with positive thinking.

"When everyday life rolls with two children and a job, it's nice to mirror oneself in others who are in the same place in life"

One of the most important sources of joy in my life is my relationships. I love my wife and my two children. I also have a large circle of friends going all the way back to my primary school days. We know each other to the core and are witnesses to each other's lives. In recent years, my wife and I have also formed some strong friendships through my children's schools. When you have children in the same class, you suddenly have a common denominator. Living in the same area, attending parent parties, and having children who spend time together bind you together in a whole new way. When everyday life rolls with two children and a job, it's nice to mirror oneself in others who are in the same place in life.

"I am a social runner"

I have been overweight all my childhood, but I decided to change that when I was 26. I have actually always been very active, but I stopped stuffing myself with unhealthy foods and lost 30 kilos over a longer period. My weight loss is not rocket science but rather a decision.

I am a social runner, and we are a small group who run together daily. It's fantastic, and we have some really good conversations when we're active together. If you find it difficult to get going, find someone to be active with. In addition to getting a social boost, it will also make it much easier for you to stick to your new habits. Ally yourself with people you like and support each other in the good routines of everyday life.

"Give yourself permission to shine"

As I've gotten older, I resemble my father more and more. When I was younger, I didn't want to be anything like him, but when I look at him now, it's with immense respect. He keeps himself busy with all sorts of exercise and is very vigorous for his age.

For me, health and well-being are not about looking younger but rather about having a fresh glow. I'm a bit vain and do a lot to have a fresh glow. I use sunscreen to take care of my skin, oil in my hair so it doesn't get dry, and I love getting facials.

"That's why I need to step out of my comfort zone"

A couple of years ago, I decided to do something good for myself on an inner level. In everyday life, I have control over everything I do, so I need to step out of my comfort zone. That's why I decided to challenge myself and throw myself into a situation where I'm forced to let go of control. That's exactly what I did when I climbed Kilimanjaro with Plan International and hiked 5,895 meters to the top of Africa without a shower. I managed to raise 105,000 kroner, which I'm really proud of, and today, I am a proud ambassador for the Children's Accident Foundation and Plan International. It makes so much sense to help vulnerable children.

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