Christina Taabbel Bækgaard: Invest in Yourself

We live in a world full of information. All day long we are influenced by the world around us. At Ro Copenhagen, we are curious about how we manage to hold on to ourselves and our inner peace. Therefore, we have started a conversation with clairvoyant therapist and spiritual instructor, Christina Taabbel Bækgaard, who has been working on personal development since 2007. How do we get to know ourselves better and how can we develop ourselves from "Good to Great"? Read on and learn how to invest in yourself through spirituality.

Through the years, I have learned that my intuition has control over it”

Spirituality is very individual. For some, it is familiar and safe, and for others it can be extremely abstract to relate to. For me, spirituality is a natural part of my daily life and my professional work.

In short, spirituality is about seeing life as a trinity consisting of our body, our mind, and our soul. The mind is our rational mindset and contains all our thoughts and beliefs. The soul is our inner intuition. I often call it our inner GPS. Being spiritual means that you must acknowledge your soul's wisdom. In my world, we should not just listen to the mind's thoughts, because they are not always truthful. We should instead learn to tap into the spiritual and discover that our soul possesses great wisdom.

The way the soul communicates, through intuition, is by picking up energy and interpreting it. So, to live spiritually means in practice that I do not just follow my rational mind, but also listen to my intuition. Through the years, I have learned that my intuition has control over it, if I trust it.

Going from fear to trust is a gamechanger!”

It is also about not letting fear control you, but rather having trust in life. Trust is a crucial factor in learning to live intuitively - that is, listening to what is YOUR path. Going from fear to trust is a gamechanger! When you live in trust that you are here for a reason and you are doing your best, you make room for your intuition. In my work as a spiritual instructor and clairvoyant therapist, I use my intuition by picking up people's energy. It is my “life-force”. For some, it may sound strange, but I truly know and trust that it is my path. The feeling of doing exactly what feels right for oneself is enormous. I could not dream of not using my spirituality in my work. By listening to my intuition, I achieve a huge inner peace.

“We work hard, and the more we work, the more we forget about ourselves”.

You may know it yourself... The feeling of being in a hamster wheel and just following the mainstream. To create a more relaxed lifestyle, it requires that you dare to follow your intuition. Turn off the autopilot and have the courage to act on your own needs. Our intuition acts very differently, so there is no one recipe. The more you learn about yourself, the more you can jump off your autopilot. Most importantly, it is about your awareness of how you manage your own unique resources. When you get to know yourself and your needs better, you will find the greatest freedom and inner peace.

“Intuition does not always tell you what you want to hear”

If you listen carefully, you can already feel your intuition in daily life, but it is few who dare to act on it and do what needs to be done. Intuition does not always tell you what you want to hear. It says what really pulls you out of your comfort zone. To develop from “good to great”, it requires that you dare to leave what you have grown out of - leave that job, that house or that relationship you have grown out of. This is where challenges come because we go into discussion with our intuition. When our intuition says, "quit your job" or "move from the house," our rational mindset comes in and says, "no I can't" or "I can't afford it."

We are often insecure about stepping into the unknown. However, I always say that if you want to go from good to great and really step out into the world as YOU, the first step is to dare to step out of your comfort zone and let go of what you have grown out of.

Many people end up staying too long in something they have grown out of. When we do not develop, we deplete ourselves. We become sad and in between content. When you, on the other hand, go from good to great, a special inner peace awaits.

“We tend to think we have to do everything ourselves, but we need help”.

I always recommend that you get a mentor who can guide you in learning about yourself. We tend to think we have to do everything ourselves, but we need help. If we need to brush our teeth, we go to the dentist. If we need to do accounting, we go to the accountant. If we need to learn about ourselves, we also need to go to professional people who are trained in developing people.

If I should give you a specific tool that you can use right now, then I would recommend you seek the nature. Create time to go out into nature and be with yourself. Priority to get fresh air and feel yourself. Listen, see, and sense. Just the decision to create half an hour of peace, every day, can make a huge difference. Set aside time for yourself in your calendar - a strong commitment and a willingness to develop yourself to your next level. Because it is at your next level that you can really become great.

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