Sus Wilkins

Sus Wilkins’ drive is based on curiosity and adventure. Her courage to throw herself into new things comes from a sense of inner peace – and because she isn't afraid of failing. That’s the reason why her career doesn't look like many others either.

Sus is an actor, dancer, model and DJ. Among other things, she has played in a number films and TV series, including “The Master ”, "Below the Surface" and “Perfect Places”. In 2019, she was a judge in “Denmark's got talent”. In addition to that, she also runs the DJ collective Housefrau in her spare time with Mai Schaarup and Maria Barfod.

What do you think has helped give you the belief that you can do anything you want?

I always go into things with the belief that nothing is impossible. It doesn't mean I don't get nervous, but I don't think it’s so dangerous to fail.

“I don't think it’s so dangerous to fail”

Whether you’re on the Orange Scene dancing or filming a thrilling drama, the adrenaline levels are always high. Can you still manage to feel a sense of peace?

- Something happens when a performance starts. I put on a sort of mask, and then this power just flows into me. It gives me a feeling that I damn well can do this – and then the peace comes from the belief I have in myself.

You have writer, actor, dancer, DJ and model all on your CV – what drives you in so many directions?

- I think my drive is based on curiosity and adventure. It fascinates me when people are really good at something. For example, I was at some clubs in Berlin where they played electronic music. When I came home, I bought a DJ desk and went on YouTube to teach myself how to use it.

How do you make sure you stay true to yourself all the way?

- I'm good at balancing my career, even though I don't do things by half. And there’s a feeling throughout my body that tells me that I should have the opportunity to try all the things I want – because I don't want to miss out on any adventures!

Do you think there's a form of interaction between extreme courage and a sense of good inner peace?

- Definitely – my courage to try new things comes from my inner peace. I have great trust in myself.

One thing is career, another is your personal life. You've been together with Freja for 7 years. What has finding true love given you?

- It gives us both a wonderful sense of peace, both knowing that we have one another 100 per cent.

We both have pretty hectic lives, but we remember to support and take care of each other. If I have the slightest doubt about myself, Freja is the best person to turn it around.

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