Ida Corr

Ida Corr has no idea who she would have become without music. It hasn't just paved the way for her career – it has given her inner calm and helped define who she is as a person.

Is a singer who has released a number of singles and albums. She has toured the world performing her club hits and also given acoustic church concerts across all of Denmark. Ida Corr has also been a judge on the Danish version of X Factor and taken part in the Danish reality TV series 'Toppen af Poppen'.

You’re a professional singer – when you're on stage, it's all bright lights, glitz and club hits. How does rocking out during your shows help you find your inner calm?

- I think it's more a case of finding this calm after a concert. For me, it’s about being in my performance, connecting with my audience and tuning in to the atmosphere. When all this succeeds, I experience a great sense of calm afterwards. It’s like a heat that flows through your body and soul.

"Music has been my companion all my life”

How does your musical career help define who you are as a person?

- I don't know if it’s the career as such. I would probably say that it's the music itself that helps to define who I am. It has been my companion all my life and I have no idea who I would be without it. Music is a part of me – it’s what I do, it’s how I think. My career however is something else, it's more extrinsic.

What influence does calm and balance have on the creation process for your music?

- For me, life is about finding a tranquillity and balance – an inner core, so I can feel myself. This doesn't mean however that I never find myself in chaotic situations, or that circumstances outside of my life don't bring many different challenges. But I have never moved away from my core, and I think that’s because of the music. It has helped to define what my goals in life are. In this way, the music helps to build inner calm and balance, just as my music is influenced by the balance and tranquility in my inner core.

2020 has been a tough year for music artists. Have you been able to keep calm in relation to your career?

- What's kept me calm is the belief that we can't live without music. Most of us use music in some way or another in our lives – so it will survive. I certainly can't imagine a world without it.