Gold Guide

What is yellow gold? What is white gold? And what does carat mean? Read on to learn more about gold.


Carat is a unit used to indicate the purity of gold, also known as fineness. The maximum number of carats for gold is 24. This is pure gold, also known as fine gold. 24 carat gold is hardly used in jewellery because it is too soft and bends out of shape at the slightest pressure. Therefore, gold jewellery is made in either 18 carat, 14 carat or 8 carat.

All jewellery from Ro Copenhagen is made from 18 carat gold, which is the finest gold for jewellery. Danish jewellery in 18 carat gold is stamped with a '750' mark.

Yellow gold
To improve the quality and make the jewellery more durable, pure gold in 24 carat is mixed with another metal. This is called alloying. Different alloys can make gold take on different colours, such as yellow-red and white gold. Ro Copenhagen’s jewellery in 18 carat yellow gold consists of 750‰ gold and 250‰ copper.

White gold
Our 18 carat white gold jewellery consists of 750‰ gold and 250‰ palladium. Palladium is the finest white gold alloy, which is extra hard-wearing and easier to work with. As it's a precious metal, it's also 100% nickel free.

Despite its name, white gold is actually grey and is known for its beautiful sheen. To the untrained eye, it might look like silver, but if you compare the two materials, you will see that white gold has a warmer glow, and due to the mix with palladium, is a stronger material than silver. Therefore, the price of white gold is also higher than the price of silver.