Fattima Loreen: Face reading

Meet face reader Fattima Loreen. Ever since Fattima was a child, she knew that she had an ancient power present in her, which was here to serve people and reveal their true essence. Fattima has a degree in Chinese acupuncture, as well as being a Master Face Reader educated by Lillian Bridges. On a daily basis, she runs a holistic practice where she coaches her clients to live a life in line with their true self.

Read on to learn how face reading can be used as a tool to get closer to your inner peace and full potential.

What is face reading and where does it come from?

Face reading is also known as Chinese face reading. It started many years ago in China, where the Emperor's beautiful concubines were treated by Chinese doctors. The concubines received many cosmetic acupuncture treatments to maintain their vitality and beauty. Back then, the doctors weren't allowed to undress the concubines when examining their health. Instead, they learned to look at their faces to diagnose and search for any symptoms of disease.

The doctors had some dolls that the concubines could point to to indicate where they had any aches. In this way, doctors learnt how to recognise facial expressions when women pointed to specific places on the doll. As techniques became increasingly refined, face reading became common and the broader population in China began to use it for health, business, coaching and spiritual guidance.

Renowned American psychologist Paul Ekman, who together with Dalai Lama wrote the book ”Emotional Awareness: Overcoming the obstacles to psychological balance and compassion”, invented the term facial emotion analysis. Among other things, Ekman uses these techniques to train airport security personnel to better detect potential threats. He also wrote Tim Roth’s character for the American TV series “Lie to Me”, and it was with the same principles that Pixar Animation Studios developed the cartoon characters’ facial characteristics in “Inside Out”.


How can face reading be used for private individuals?

Face reading can be used as a coaching tool to get closer to your true self and find your passion. Everyone has different talents, and through face reading you can work on how you can best use yourself and your qualities.

When we learn to use our talents in alignment with who we are, my belief is that we radiate more into the world. We all know certain people who rest in themselves, where we think "Wow you’re really good at being yourself". The point is that if we follow our inner voice and do what we're best at, it is precisely here that we are seen and recognised for who we are.


How would you define the full potential?

For me, we fulful our full potential when we start to understand who we are and how we can use ourselves best. Once we have created this awareness of our true self, we can start to express it in the outside world and inspire other people.

In many ways, face reading is about insight and becoming better at being yourself. The goal is not only to find your talents, but also to feel a genuine sense of joy and inner peace by being exactly who you are.

Face reading is also a good tool for working with old blockages. Some of us may have childhood traumas that we are caught up in. We therefore need to ask ourselves: What is blocking me from doing what I do best? It might be a belief you have about yourself that is blocking you unconsciously and actually holding you back from realising your full potential. 

As a face reader, I go in and look at specific obstacles and help you understand how you can delve into them and bring out your potential. This is what I call alchemy, because we look at the pain and bring out something positive in it. All the places where we have blockages are hiding a lot of potential, and this is where it starts to make sense and becomes great to work with!

It is very much this positive aspect of facial reading that captivates me in my work. The focus of a face reading is never to tell you what you are bad at, but to learn more about what YOU are good at and should use your energy on. Face reading is an uplifting way of working with yourself and I find that my clients are extremely happy and feel valued when they leave. It boosts drive and creates an inner power for approaching life in alignment with your true self.


How does a face reading take place in concrete terms?

We sit on a chair opposite each other, just as if you were visiting a therapist or psychologist. I always start by tuning in on what my client needs most. Either I start with a little meditation to just become present in the room. Other times I start with a some quiet conversation. My clients’ starting points are rarely the same, and the way the conversations unfold are therefore very different.

I observe the face all the time as we are talking. I look at the face shape, facial features and facial lines. In fact, everything from teeth to bones. All these things together tell something specific about you as a person. In this way, the face becomes the starting point for meeting yourself and your talents in a new way.


What is inner peace for you and how do you create it in your life?

I have a lot of rituals, and if you observed me in my everyday life, I think some people might think that I’m a bit crazy, haha. I stick to my rituals and practise them to stay calm in my busy everyday life and ground myself.

I have two rituals, which are absolutely crucial for me and my inner peace:

1) My meditation

I meditate every morning at 7.00 and every evening at 22.00. It's a regular routine and I do it on holidays too. It is important for me never to be rigid in the way I live, and therefore there will of course always be some exceptions. However, I love my meditation time, which is why it is such a high priority for me.

My meditations are based on Chinese tradition. It’s mainly body meditation which is very healing for me and that I use to balance my mind, soul and body. Meditation is what I call awareness training. It’s a way to become aware of what’s going on inside your body. If you haven't tried meditation before, then your breath is a good place to start. Feel the air moving calmly in and out of your body and create a sense of security from within. We are exposed to many external impressions on a daily basis, and my experience is that it is easier to stand strong in yourself when you remember to feel yourself from within.

2) To take a break and create space in the present.

The other ritual that I also love using is about creating a space for myself in the present . So how do you do that, you might think?

It’s actually quite simple. It’s about actively getting used to stopping what you're doing, stepping out of your hamster wheel and taking a few deep breaths with yourself. It might be while you're waiting for the bus, when you’re queuing in the supermarket or rushing out of the door in the morning.

Stopping and being in your own presence is something many of us forget, but it is actually an incredibly simple habit to implement in your life. I have a busy everyday life, and even though I love my work, it is absolutely crucial for me to connect with myself during the day. I see the contact to my own soul as a kind of driver in my life. This is what tells me where I should go, which is why it’s also really important for me to feel it every day. The connection to my own instinct is what makes me who I am, and can clearly sense what I should say yes to and what I should say no to.

If you are interested in knowing more about face reading and how you can become better at living according to your true self, check out Fattima’s universe and book here: https://www.fattimaloreen.com/