At Ro Copenhagen, we see jewellery as something very personal – beautiful mementos that hold memories, meaning and stories.

The Noble Metal
At Ro Copenhagen, we create jewellery that doesn’t only last a lifetime, but can be passed on for future generations to enjoy. We have a passion for solid 18kt gold. We believe the patina that 18kt yellow and white gold develops, holds a story about the person behind the jewellery, forming a more refined finish over time.
Ro jewellery is carefully crafted in 18kt yellow or 18kt white gold – always set with our signature diamond detail.

Pure gold is measured as being 24/24 karats. 24-karat gold is soft, and therefore we alloy pure gold with other metals such as silver, copper and palladium.
18kt gold is stamped 750 (750/1000), which means 18kt jewellery is made from 75% pure gold.

Glittering diamonds and enchanting gems have long fascinated us, and their history makes them no less impressive. Gems are one of nature’s wonders. Chemistry, temperature and time are essential forces which determine a stone’s nuances and variations. At Ro, we believe each stone is beautiful in its own unique way.

About 200 km below the Earth’s surface, carbon atoms are crystalised and form a diamond structure.  
The marvelous creation of diamond takes millions of years under immense heat and pressure, which is exactly why they are valuable and rare.
A diamond stone’s value is based on the four C’s: carat, colour, clarity and cut.

The 4 C’s: Link

Grey Diamonds
Grey diamonds can invoke visual references to anything from a moody and cloudy sky, to a sprinkling of salt and pepper. There are two essential categories – ‘fancy’ (high clarity), and ‘included’ (hazy with beautiful irregularities we call ‘character’).
A clear, fancy grey diamond is a rare gem. Natural grey diamonds are typically mined in Brazil, Russia, South Africa, India and Australia, and their grey tone is a result of hydrogen present in the gem’s formation. Colourless (clear or white) diamond stones have a pure carbon composition, so the addition of hydrogen in a diamond’s formation will give the stone colour, inclusions and irregularities that we know as the gorgeous grey diamond.

At Ro Copenhagen, we use some of the finest diamonds, all of which are carefully selected by gemological specialists (G-VS). Diamond and gemstones in Ro Copenhagen’s jewellery are of natural origin, they are purchased conflict–free from official dealers in accordance with UN resolutions.
A signature diamond is found in all Ro jewellery – sometimes this diamond is so discreet that it is barely discernible, but our unique diamond hallmark is present in everything we do.