Rebuy Guarantee

We believe that great design is not just about what looks good, but also about what stands the test of time. At Ro Copenhagen, quality assurance and last-ability are synonymous with each other. Through Ro’s new Rebuy program, for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase, Ro will guarantee their offer to buy back your jewellery and recycle it back into their production chain.

When you choose a Ro Copenhagen product, you choose more than a quality piece of jewellery. You become part of a proud tradition of beautiful craftsmanship, where each facet of design is carefully considered and expertly executed. Your investment is not just in Ro’s timeless form, but in a legacy of luxury jewellery that delivers true peace of mind.

We are always striving to improve our environmental impact and to reduce unnecessary waste. We know our clientele also increasingly seek to do the same through the way they purchase. We strongly believe our jewellery must have a long lifetime to enable sustainability of its design and the Ro brand. This is achieved through high-quality materials and timeless design, guaranteeing Ro jewellery to bring joy to its wearer, and ensuring circularity and recyclability of its materials.

The Rebuy Guarantee includes jewellery from all Ro Copenhagen collections. Ro Copenhagen jewellery is created to be used, so we will buy your jewellery back in any worn condition. We require the original receipt for your purchase, and the refund is issued in cash. The rebuy price we offer is 50% of the purchase price stated on your receipt.

If you wish to use the Rebuy Guarantee, please fill out the form linked below, enclose this with your original receipt and the jewellery being returned.


Our address for Rebuy Guarantee jewellery returns:

Ro Copenhagen

Baldershøj 27

2635 Ishøj


Rebuy Application Form here

See our Terms and Conditions here