Our Gold and Gemstones

Only the Best…

Ro Copenhagen jewellery is crafted exclusively in 18kt yellow or white gold. We take pride in using gold of the highest quality as to extend the lifetime of jewellery and thereby the joy of its wearers.

The Purest Gold

Karat is a unit specifying gold’s purity – also known as millesimal fineness. The maximum number of karats in gold is 24kt, which is the purest form of gold and rarely used for jewellery as it is soft and sensitive to the slightest pressure. Pure gold is mixed with other metals to improve its characteristics for jewellery, for example, to increase its hardenss. The process of combinined metals is called alloying. Different alloys can give gold different colours, such as yellow or white. At Ro Copenhagen, our 18kt yellow gold is made of 75% gold with 25% copper, and our 18kt white gold is made of 75% gold with 25% palladium.

The Most Precious Gemstones

Gems are natural wonders of the world. Created deep below earth’s surface where chemistry, pressure and temperature influences the differences, variations and quality of these precious gems. In every jewel in the Ro Copenhagen collections, there has been an intense search for the finest gemstones that hold a precise colour. When these gemstones are cut, the gems’ true beauty shows – both from within and without.

The Finest Diamonds

Sparkling, gleaming diamonds are created in the dark, 200 km below the surface. Here, under enormous constant pressure and intense heat, carbon atoms crystallize and turn into diamonds. Their creation takes an eternity, hence their rarity and high value. Though, there is a difference between diamonds, and they are valued based on the four C’s: Carat – Color – Clarity – Cut. At Ro Copenhagen, we use some of the finest diamonds, all of whom are carefully selected (Top Wesselton - VS, also known as G - VS).

All gems in Ro Copenhagen jewellery are of natural origin, and the diamonds are purchased conflict-free from official suppliers in accordance with UN resolutions.