Jewellery Care

At Ro Copenhagen, we use solid 18-carat gold because we want your jewellery to last a lifetime, and to be passed on for future generations to enjoy. Even the finest materials need to be looked after properly if they are to maintain their original state, so we recommend that you follow these tips to get the most out of your jewellery.

  • Take off your jewellery when washing your hands, washing up, and while sleeping.

  • Take off your jewellery when you are at the beach and when you are swimming in a pool.

  • Take off your jewellery while cooking, gardening and taking part in other contact sport or activities.

  • Avoid contact with cleaning agents, perfumes, all body and suntan lotions.

  • Avoid exposing your jewellery and its stones to high temperatures.

  • When you are not wearing your Ro jewellery, store it in a safe place - preferably in its original box.

  • Wear your Ro jewellery with care – avoid knocking your jewellery against hard surfaces that can cause damage to the metal or stone settings.

  • Have your jewellery checked once a year.