Integrity, fairness and creating with a conscience are key values at Ro Copenhagen. We carry the fullness of responsibility of running a business based on sound, positive ethics. Protecting the delicate balance and natural beauty of this earth through ethical, sustainable, and responsible practice initiatives have become important pillars of Ro Copenhagen.

We are taking measures to build and evolve as a considered jewellery business that encourages more thoughtful consumption. We are not perfect, but we are continually educating ourselves to learn about different ways in which we can make improvements to our sustainability. Our promise is to advance on our existing initiatives each year, while continuing to innovate and make meaningful changes to our practices.

Longevity through timeless design and exceptional materials is the cornerstone of Ro Copenhagen's modus operandi. ⁠The origin of our materials, how they’re derived, and who is part of obtaining them are vitally important to us, so that we can reduce any environmental impact where possible. We want to share the journey of our materials with you, and discuss how the materials we use align with our ethics and values. 

Recycling and certifications

Metal and Recycling

Our 18kt gold is sourced responsibly and certified by RJC. Our gold is primarily from a recycled source, gold that is already in circulation, thus minimising the need for mining. We want to ensure there is a strong sense of timelessness in your Ro Copenhagen pieces so that you can enjoy them for years to come, and this is why we only work in 18kt gold — the highest quality solid gold in the market. 

We have strict recycling policies at our offices, and re-use wherever we can. Our materials and jewellery are transported to stockists and from suppliers in home compostable cellulose and/or oxo-biodegradable bags. Plastic usage and waste has been a historical problem within the jewellery industry, so we are playing our part in this crucial global effort to eliminate unnecessary waste.

Stones: Diamonds and Gemstones

Each Ro Copenhagen design is set with a signature, brilliant-cut diamond. We go above and beyond standard industry regulations to ensure that we can stand behind every stone we use in our jewellery. All diamonds and gemstones selected for Ro Copenhagen jewellery are exclusively of natural origin and are untreated, are from responsible sources not involved in funding conflict and are in compliance with relevant UN resolutions. All of our stones are sourced from mines that adhere to the most strictest environmental and human rights standards.

We also constantly review our materials to ensure that we are using the best options in the marketplace at any given time.

Our Packaging and Deliveries

In 2020 we sharpened our focus on our packaging and catalogue, specifically looking at the development of our jewellery boxes and printed materials with the environment in mind. Launching in 2021 our new packaging will be made from recycled and eco-friendly materials.

Ro has made the decision not to discontinue printed catalogues, opting for an environmentally-friendly digital format instead.

Wherever possible, Ro Copenhagen ships products and orders with CO2-neutral services.