A Royal ring from Ro Copenhagen. Set with our signature brilliant cut diamond. Solid 18karat yellow gold. Royal Ring

Royal Ring

18kt Yellow Gold

GBP 780.00

Item number: 90883

Royal Ring 

This crown design is set with the queen of stones - the diamond. Our Royal rings are made so that they can be worn on their own or stacked perfectly in a pair.

18kt gold and diamond

This ring is made from 18kt yellow gold.
Set with a Ro signature diamond. Brill.0.003 ct TW.VS.

Also available in 18kt white gold.

Gold Rings with Diamonds

We use diamonds, gemstones and gold of the highest quality in our rings to exemplify the meaning and joy inherent in our designs. A Ro ring is a ring for life, to live in partnership and in harmony with the wearer, and intended to be treasured and passed down from generation to generation.

We believe jewellery serves as a symbol to recall a specific moment, event or person. Ro’s ring collections can be worn alone, yet they are designed to be stacked with one another.
Ro Copenhagen has a passion for honest design, good craftsmanship and true quality. At Ro, we believe design should be simple, uncomplicated, and that the smallest details can be the greatest feature. A signature diamond is found in all of Ro’s rings – sometimes it is so discreet that it is barely discernible, but our unique diamond hallmark is in everything we do.

Gold Rings

Everyone deserves quality jewellery that will last a lifetime. The colour and karat of gold that you select for yourself or a loved one is a very personal choice. All of Ro’s rings are made from 18-carat white gold or 18-carat yellow gold, set with the finest brilliant-cut diamonds

The Orbit Collection Rings

Gold rings of the Orbit collection have a reoccurring circular pattern that resembles small planets orbiting the Sun. Orbit Collection designs are set with a variety of diamond weights, all pieces are set with Ro’s signature diamond, and the more elaborate designs of this series include larger rose-cut or brilliant-cut stones.

The Rock Collection Rings

Rings of the Rock collection are inclusive of our signature diamond – a fine, clear brilliant-cut stone set into solid 18-carat gold. The diamond detail in some of the Rock rings is discreet, while other designs are heavily peppered with diamond stones to make a bigger statement.

The Fine Oak Collection Rings

Rings of the Fine Oak collection are set with a “stone” of Abonos wood. The rich amber tones and textures of this fossilised, native Danish wood are embraced by solid gold to create a distinctly Scandinavian design. A signature diamond is found in this collection, as it is in all of Ro’s jewellery designs.

The Royal Collection Rings

Rings of the Royal collection are symbolic of feminine power, a crowning glory for your fingers. Ro’s Royal rings perfectly interlock with one another; each crown top is set with Ro’s signature diamond.

One Piece Collection Rings

Rings of the One Piece collection are crafted in solid 18-carat yellow or white gold, and set with brilliant-cut diamond stones. This series is made up of true classics that can be engraved and further personalised.

Nord Collection Rings

The Northern Lights are a key inspiration for rings of the Nord collection, which beautifully reflects the multitude of colours in the natural phenomenon.
Baguette-cut gemstones in soft tones evoke elegance and femininity.


All of our ring designs are set with Ro’s signature diamond – a carefully selected brilliant-cut diamond (Brill. 0.003ct G.VS) exclusively of natural origin.


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