Fine oak bracelet

18kt gold

EUR 680.00

“Respect the old, and seek out the new.”

This bracelet is set with a “stone” of Abonos wood.
Abonos is a wood native to Denmark - it settles in Danish marshlands for thousands of years as it becomes richer and denser.
Abonos wood is given new life in our Fine Oak collection.

The Fine Oak bracelet is made from 18kt yellow gold.
Set with a “stone” of Abonos wood and a Ro signature diamond.
Brill.0.003 ct TW.VS.

Ø 7mm.
Also available in 18kt white gold.

Gold Bracelets With Diamond For Women
Bracelets are one of the most popular forms of jewellery for women and the act of gifting. The feminine style of Ro Copenhagen’s bracelets is both classic and timeless. A beautiful gold bracelet can be worn on its own, or combined with other bracelets for a more personal and layered look.


18kt Gold Bracelets With Diamond
All bracelets from Ro Copenhagen are crafted in solid 18kt white gold or 18kt yellow gold, and are set with a Ro signature diamond as standard (Brill. 0.003ct TW.VS). We offer bracelets and wristwear in three of our established Ro collections; Orbit collection, Rock collection and One Piece collection.


Orbit Bangles In Gold
The Orbit Dot and Leaves Dot bangles are made from satin-finished 18kt yellow gold, and are always set with Ro’s signature diamond stone.


Fine Oak Gold Bracelets
Bracelets from the Fine Oak collection are available in 18kt yellow or white gold, set with a “stone” of fossilised Abonos wood. Our Ro signature diamond adds a beautiful finishing touch to this distinctly Scandinavian design.


Beads Me Bracelet
The Beads Me collection is identifiable with its hand-crafted gold beads. This collection is incredibly versatile and available in 18kt yellow gold.


Bracelets from Ro Copenhagen
All of our gold bracelets are designed specifically for women’s wrists sizes, in lengths 16-20cm. Helle Nissen, the Danish designer and Ro Copenhagen goldsmith, creates classic and timeless styles which are naturally popular amongst Danish women and lovers of the Scandinavian aesthetic.


Want to know more about our gold bracelets?
Learn more about Ro Copenhagen here. If you have any questions about our wristwear, please feel free to contact us:
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