Rock Collection

It feels like an eternity waiting for the gems to be formed. Deep within the Earth, in the darkness. But as soon as they reach the light, they shine, gleam and sparkle. In simple, modest designs. Sometimes a single diamond glows alone, sometimes multiple gem glitter side by side. All brilliant cut to let the light reflect in all the diamonds. It is a testimony of a rock-solid love for these precious gems.

The jewellery in ROCK Collection is made in 18 karat yellow or white gold, assembled with brilliant-cut diamonds and as always, a small RO signature diamond.

Rock-solid love for ROCK

Formed deep beneath the earth under intense pressure and heat, the diamond has long captured the fascination like no other gemstone. As a symbol of love it is unparalleled, its magnificent radiance a beacon for possibility and self-reflection.

Wishing to harness and intensify this brilliance, I designed the ROCK Collection, using our 18kt gold peppered with diamond.

Helle Leiberg Nissen
Jewellery designer & founder of RO Copenhagen