Rock Classic Collection

Although time changes, diamonds are forever. In their original beauty and as a simple design with gleaming grey and white diamonds, side by side. As timeless symbols in subtle shades, they are untouched by fashion and season. Forever feminine and perfectly complementing every occasion. They are exclusive, classic and eternally modern. True classics never go out of style.

The jewellery in ROCK CLASSIC Collection is made in 18 karat yellow or white gold, assembled with grey diamonds, brilliant-cut diamonds and as always, a small RO signature diamond.

ROCK Classic forever

A pale winter sun casts its constricted rays upon a world just waking from itself. Grass crunches underneath each footstep, light strikes a frost-heavy branch, sending a kaleidoscope of sparkling refractions into the world. Like tiny diamonds. This was the beginning of ROCK Classic Collection. Classic designs with gleaming diamonds, side by side, like frosty reflections aligned.

Helle Leiberg Nissen
Jewellery designer & founder of RO Copenhagen