Raw Collection

It is quite rare, and not easy to find. Yet, the grey diamond is worth the struggle.

Its raw, feminine beauty reflects all shades of grey when it is cut. Using two different cutting techniques from the Renaissance, the point and the table cut, the designs in the Raw Collection are bold and delicate, yet feminine and strong. Both techniques present the grey diamond at its best – raw and naturally beautiful like an uncut diamond.

The jewellery in RAW Collection is made in 18 karat yellow or white gold, set with a grey diamond, brilliant-cut diamond and as always, a RO signature diamond.

Raw like an uncut diamond

Some time ago I saw an old picture from an ancient excavation. In it was a beautiful ring, seemingly as old as time. It cradled a majestic grey diamond in its setting and even though the ring was caked in dirt, having been buried since the Renaissance period, the diamond was still imbued with a unique luminosity. This image stayed with me, the light from the diamond constantly turning through my mind, the reflection of a thought just out of my grasp. So I began to search for such a diamond, one that held the same breath of mystery. After two years of tirelessly searching – I wanted to find the exact grey colour – it suddenly appeared. Not too bright, not too dark; but filled with the subtle depth of early twilight, when the ether enshrouds the world in all shades of grey.

Helle Leiberg Nissen
Jewellery designer & founder of RO Copenhagen