Ro Yoga in València

Meet Chely! She is our Pilates and Yoga instructor in València, Spain. Our mission is to inspire you to find Ro in your live, and we believe that each of our personal stories can help us find that feeling. Read our interview with Chely here.  

When, how, where and why did you start Pilates and Pilates classes?

I started in the Pilates method more than 12 years ago. I have always been an active person in the execution of sports practices and more specifically in those of gymnastic exercises related to Fitness. Being very young, in my teenage years, I enrolled in a gym where I began with disciplines such as "aerobics". My life has always been linked to a room, a gym or a sport center, even during and after motherhood. I never gave up physical activity, except in very specific moments. I discovered the Pilates method precisely after giving birth to my first daughter, and as a result of the burden of this during the pregnancy of the second, ailments related to the sciatic nerve appeared. The practice of the method helped me to considerably strengthen the entire abdominal belt that favored the remedy of all the back pain caused by the impingement of this very nerve.

What do you like best in the classes?

What I like most about teaching the classes is the possibility of transmitting the efficiency of the method to the staff. I like and enjoy the execution of it, but above all to transfer my experience, my knowledge, instill the habit (healthy and healing), pass on the benefits and check that it works to others.

"It contributes to an optimal state not only physically but also mentally"

How do you feel physically and mentally with the Pilates method?

It is not an aggressive or impacting method, nor does it deal with cardiovascular endurance, but it is nevertheless intense and effective. It is fluid, harmonious and succeeds with the precision of the movements in obtaining the control of your body (also mind and spirit). Therefore, it contributes to an optimal state not only physically but also mentally, since it awakens sensations that in the long run improve mood and reinforce self-esteem. Practicing it and advancing in the method (there are 3 levels), is considered as a challenge, a personal challenge which is very satisfying and stimulating because you push yourself to the limit, and you check your physical abilities. When you get the objective with will, perseverance and tenacity, in addition to doing yourself a physical favor, you did it psychologically and morally since you reached the proposed goal.

What does Ro / Serenity mean to you?

To me Ro means Serenity, and the advantages are multiple and evident, it makes you feel GOOD: flexible, strong, stylized, toned, agile, spirited, stimulated...

What piece of Ro's jewelry would you like to have in your personal collection?

The letter A (for Angelina) of the new Braille collection, My Secret Collection. 

Every week Chely gracefully teaches our group and allows us to feel better and better. Join us every Thursday at 6pm in front of:

Palau de la Música
Paseo de la Alameda, 30
46023 València

Please text +34 676 288 038 to secure your spot.