Ditte Julie

Ditte Julie Jensen’s life changed direction completely when she made the leap to being her own boss – and learned how important it is to trust yourself and enjoy what you do.

Is a pastry chef, TV personality, cookbook author, speaker, influencer and entrepreneur. She became a national celebrity in Denmark in 2015 when she took part in 'Den store bagedyst' (the Danish version of 'Bake Off') and is currently starring in the latest season of 'Over the Atlantic'.

Your life has headed in a very different direction from working as a legal secretary to today, where you're a TV personality, pastry chef, cookbook author, speaker, influencer and entrepreneur. How did you get the courage to make the leap?

- I don't really know if I ever found the courage, but I acknowledged that it was necessary to do something that made me happy.

"I know who I am"

Have you found a sense of calm since finding your path in life?

- Although I gained success quickly after making the leap into working for myself I also hit a wall, because I hadn't figured out what I was doing at all. Having to sell myself all the time was harder than it looked and I completely cracked. So I sought help from a coach, I got a mentor and shook everything up completely in both body and mind. From there, it's been a long journey to where I am today: I know who I am and that what I do makes me happy. This gives me an inner calm.

You've got so many different things going on right now and seem bursing with good ideas, most recently your new online baking universe 'Klub Ditte Julie'. Do you get your best ideas when there's calm around you or when things are most hectic?

- The best ideas arise when I force myself to slow down for a period, for example by going for a country walk, because I release energy and make room for new thoughts and ideas to flourish.

You’ve been through a divorce and found new love. Have you been able to maintain inner peace during life's big events?

- I think in this regard, I've had a really hard time finding inner peace. When my divorce suddenly became a public thing that made the front pages of several magazines, people began having opinions about what I should and shouldn't do. I didn't know if I should be someone or something particular or what that should be. So that gave me the biggest life lesson ever: that it's extremely important for me to separate my private and public life, so that I can maintain an inner balance and feel myself in all of this